We have a million
good reasons why
and We do good work!

We have a million
good reasons why
and We do good work!

We are experts in: Plant services, millwright work, mechanical, turnkey projects, critical path schedules, industrial sheet metal, structural steel, and fabrications for all industries.

We’ve built a reputation for high-quality work, and stand behind our work and customers 24/7. We are the critical crisis and emergency shut down specialists. We invest in our most important resource, Our people.

We truly are “THE INDUSTRIAL TEAM,” and no job is too small.

  • Machine Guards, Conveyors, Air Slides, Cladding & Insulation

  • Scrubbers, Oxidizers, Afterburners & Thermal Spray Systems

  • Industrial Ovens/Washers

  • Water Filtration Systems

  • Explosion & Fire Protection

  • Fire Suppression/Sprinklers with Emergency Service 24/7

  • Shot Blast Inspection, Tune Up & Repairs

  • Air Piping, Fire Sprinklers Lines

  • Sonic Horns

  • Blower & Fan Supply, Installation & Repairs/Balancing

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